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Take a look at our  real life case studies about tenants and groups who are working independently or with their housing providers. If you have a story to share about your tenant involvement success then Tenant Central would love to hear about it. We are interested in any format written,with pictures, video or audio. Complete the share your story form and email it to

Tenant involvement case studies

These case studies give examples of tenants involved in influencing services, making decisions, scrutiny, complaints and many other more formal groups, panels and committees.

Show me the case studies:

Tenant led scrutiny is a crucial element of the co regulatory approach and is a valuable tool for ensuring that tenants and residents can hold their landlords to account for their performance and behaviour.

Value For Money Scrutiny Project

Staff and residents from Spectrum Residents’ Group explain how the scrutiny group was set up and how they undertook their first scrutiny project on value for money. The scrutiny group also go through their report and recommendations. This video gives a good insight into what your scrutiny projects be like.

Cottsway Residents’ Scrutiny Panel

A proactive decision was made to introduce a robust scrutiny structure at Cottsway Homes, this is a great example of how a landlord can support tenants with training, personal development, remuneration, members of dedicated support staff and more.

Read the case study - Cottsway Resident Scrutiny Panel

SARH Inspectors

Stafford and Rural Homes (SARH) have had customer inspectors in place since 2008 but changes in 2011 has made the system much more tenant-led.

Read the case study - Stafford & Rural Homes Inspectors

Rykneld Homes Tenant Scrutiny Panel

Established in April 2011, this award-winning tenant-led scrutiny panel has its recommendations valued by Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluations. Commissioned by Rykneld Homes to more deeply analyse the social impact of the organisation, the panel itself even has a SROI value.

Read the case study - Rykneld Homes Tenant Scrutiny Panel

GreenSquare Group Resident Scrutiny Panel

The first ever recipient of the Quality Assured Scrutiny (QAS) accreditation, the GreenSquare Group Resident Scrutiny Panel are a great example of tenant-led scrutiny. Have a look at the video and the case study below.

Read the case study - GreenSquare Resident Scrutiny Panel 

Rosebery Residents’ Panel

Shortlisted in the TPAS Awards Southern Region for Excellence in Tenant-led Scrutiny. The introduction of the Residents’ Panel led to a significant increase in the feeling that residents’ views were taken into consideration. Read the case study - Rosebery Residents’ Panel

Gedling Eye

Winner of the 2014 TPAS Award for Excellence in Tenant-led Scrutiny. Read about how they formalised their scrutiny set-up.

Read the case study - Gedling Eye

Reading Borough Council Tenants and Council Together Scrutiny Panel

A steering group of tenants and staff worked with an independent mentor to recruit a number of previously uninvolved residents to an independent Scrutiny Panel.

Read the case study - Reading Borough Council Tenants and Council Together Scrutiny Panel

Circle Housing Merton Priory Resident Scrutiny

The Scrutiny Panel are closely supported by a number of other resident groups who all have a clearly defined scrutiny function. Overall, the scrutiny arrangements have saved the provider an estimated £50k.

Read the case study - Circle Housing Merton Priory Resident Scrutiny

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing Tenant Led Scrutiny

A working group of tenants were directly involved in making the key decisions about the development of the scrutiny arrangements at Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing. This working group is now responsible for deciding, on the basis of suggestions from residents, the Panel’s scrutiny programme and also monitors the implementation of the Panel’s recommendations.

Read the case study - Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing Tenant Led Scrutiny

New Charter Tenant Management Team

The recommendations made in the Tenant Management Team’s scrutiny reviews have led to a number of service improvements and their work bringing the grounds maintenance service in-house stands to save New Charter £5 million over the course of five years.

Read the case study - New Charter Tenant Management Team

Hyde Resident Assurance Committees

Hyde Group’s Resident Assurance Committees complement the work of the area wide tenant groups by working locally to scrutinise services.

Read the case study - Hyde Group Residents Assurance Committee

Community Gateway Association Tenants Committee 

Three scrutiny reviews are carried out each year by the Tenants Committee which breaks up into separate groups to complete its scrutiny work.

Read the case study - Community Gateway Association Tenants Committee

Housing Solutions Resident Scrutiny Panel

This short film shows how tenants have been empowered and supported to scrutinise services and bring about positive change.

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Different ways of sourcing, assigning and empowering funding are here for you to look at, from young people to community groups to getting funded from strangers.

Hyde Youth Bank

Young people at Hyde Youth Bank are empowered to make their own decisions around the allocation of funding for applications put together by young people for projects run by young people.

CityWest Factor

Working with residents CityWest ran a Dragon’s Den style competition for young people to compete for funding. Over £10,000 was allocated to seven groups of young people.

Read the case study - CityWest Factor

Berneslai Homes Funding Pots

In this short video staff and tenants, both young and old, tell us how the ‘Funding Pots’ scheme works and share their stories of successfully applying for funds.

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With the Localism Act 2011 came new arrangements for dealing with complaints by social tenants against their landlords. Take a look at the different set-ups that have emerged since April 2012.

Tenant Complaint Panel

Read how Tenants from the Federation, supported by Berneslai Homes, are set up to meet monthly to help resolve complaints locally.

Collaborative Complaints Panel

Three different landlords based in the same area came together to develop the Independent Complaints Panel (ICP) in January 2013. This case study will give you an example of how a regional designated complaints panel might work. The landlords are: Derwent LivingGedling HomesTuntum Housing.

As well as the PDF document we have also made a short film about the Collaborative Complaints Panel.

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All about tenants and landlords working together at all levels and in all departments in order to improve the organisation by shaping tenants services and helping your landlord run more efficiently.

Co-regulation in Practice

This video was developed by tenants to explain the co-regulation model at Soha. The tenants take you through the model in detail and shows how and why tenants are involved in all aspects of the business.

Soha Co-regulation Structure ‘The Westminster Model’

Based on the UK Parliament Soha has its own version of the Cabinet, MPs, Select Committees and more. This model has all the checks and balances in place that allows tenants to scrutinise and hold their landlord to account.

Bristol City Council Tenant Involvement Structure

In 2004 tenants, leaseholders, Bristol City Council Officers and Bristol City Councillors came together to agree specific commitments to tenant involvement. Read about and see the diagram of how this local authority has approached Co-regulation. Download: Bristol City Council Tenant Involvement Structure

Croydon London Borough Council Resident Involvement Structure

A recently revised framework for involvement also includes the current development of Your Housing Your Questions events that aim to promote accountability and transparency. Download: Croydon Council’s Resident Involvement Structure

Orbit Board Member

Valerie Williamson talks about her time as a tenant board member, why it’s important for tenants to be on the board and what you can gain personally from being a tenant board member. Find out more about Orbit Board members.

AmicusHorizon Governance Review

How a project working with residents, ex resident Board members, ex Board members and key members of staff helped to further embed the principles of co-regulation in the organisation. Read the case study –  AmicusHorizon Governance Review

Thames Valley Resident Inspectors

Thames Valley’s 132 Resident Inspectors act as the provider’s eyes and ears on the ground, closely monitoring service performance standards and influencing decisions.

Read the case study – Thames Valley

Hull City Tenant Quality Champions

The Tenant Quality Champions work with staff to monitor the customer experience and the quality of contractor’s work.

Read the case study - Hull City Council Tenant Quality Champions

New Charter Homes Green Charter

On the recommendation of New Charter’s Tenant Management Team, the resident scrutiny group, the estate management service was brought in-house. Over 100 residents were involved in developing the service and it is now monitored in accordance with co-regulatory principles by resident inspectors and a tenant Contract Monitoring Team.

Read the case study - New Charter Homes Green Charter

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Collaborative Groups

Leeds Collaborative Tenant Group

Tenants and staff representing 13,200 tenants from six different housing associations in the Leeds area come together to improve services for customers, generate ideas for efficiencies and share good practice. By working together they can easily benchmark and share economies of scale to improve value for money.

Joint Scrutiny Group

Tenants and staff members from the involvement teams of the two subsidiary organisations that make up the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group came together to decide on the new group’s Vision and Values and Tenant Involvement Structure.

Read the case study - Wythenshawe Community Housing Group – Joint Scrutiny Group

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Area Panels

Radian Area Panel Meeting

This video shows highlights from a tenants’ and residents’ area panel and will give you an idea of what might go on at a similar event hosted by your landlord. Find out more about the different ways Radian involves its tenants.

AmicusHorizon Regional Youth Forum

Read about how young people across London have been involved with their landlord at many different levels including meeting with MPs, MEPs and local Councillors.

Read the case study –  AmicusHorizon London Regional Youth Forum

Hyde Group Hydewide Residents Voice

Hyde’s most strategic residents group is made up of representatives from regional tenant panels and works to monitor performance at group level and shape service delivery.

Read the case study - Hyde Group Hydewide Residents Voice

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Other involvement groups

Middlesbrough Community Land Trust

A group of tenants and residents formed a Community Land Trust (CLT) that is successfully regenerating a previously neglected area in the North East in collaboration with Endeavour Housing Association, a local social housing provider. Read the case study - Middlesbrough Community Land Trust

Spectrum Residents’ Group: Our First Year

In this video members of the Spectrum Residents’ Group describe the purpose of the group and their activities and achievements in their first year of existence.

Boston Mayflower Annual Report to Tenants

The Tenant Editorial Panel was given the responsibility of producing the annual report. This entry won the 2014 TPAS Award for Excellence in Annual Reports for the Central Region.

Read the case study - Boston Mayflower Annual Report To Tenants

Hull City Council Learning Disability Focus Group

The Focus Group meets regularly to provide an active voice on service delivery from typically under represented tenants.

Read the case study - Hull City Council Learning Disability Focus Group

Saffron Housing Customer Advisory Panel

We have made a short film on Saffron’s Customer Advisory Panel. As the main consultative tenant body, the Panel meets monthly to shape service through feedback and recommendations.

Salix Homes Customer Senate

The Customer Senate at Salix Homes works with three other tenant panels, each with a separate remit, to scrutinise services and ensure their recommendations are acted upon.

Read the case study - Salix Homes -Customer Senate

Stafford and Rural Homes Customer Board

The role of the Customer Board includes scrutiny of services, assessing compliance with the Homes and Community Agency’s Regulatory Framework and playing a role in the complaints procedure.

Read the case study - Stafford and Rural Homes Customer Board

Alliance Homes TOWER

TOWER, standing for Together We Enjoy Results, is a group of support users that hold regular coffee mornings to offer peer support to each other and engage with the provider to influence services.

Read the case study - Alliance Homes – TOWER

North Lincolnshire Homes Your Home Your Voice

In this short video tenants at North Lincolnshire Homes  (part of ongo) explain the different panels they are involved with and how they influence services.

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Hyde Procurement Panel

Following a review The Hyde Group created a procurement panel that has gone on to make impressive changes to the organisation. Read the case study - Hyde Procurement Panel

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Wider tenant involvement case studies

These case studies include reaching out to communities and groups, the work of tenants and residents associations, effective training and much more. There’s lots here to help you improve your approach and empower others.

Show me the case studies:

Getting Involved
Stories of how and why tenants have become involved with their landlord that will inspire other tenants to become more active and involved in shaping services with their landlord.

OSCAR - Osmaston Community Association of Residents

Residents in the Osmaston area of Derby teamed up with many local stakeholders including Derby Homes and their local authority to build a better community. They now oversee an award-winning neighbourhood watch programme and have developed into a limited company with its own housing stock. Read the case study –  OSCAR

Tenants & Resident’s Associations in Kirklees

In this video involved tenants in Kirklees talk about the activities that their TRAs do. The combination of narration and stills photography is interesting as the tenants talk about anything and everything from cake sales, kids activities and support networks to estate walkabouts, meetings procedures and forging links in the wider community.

Tenant Participation – Episode 1

Produced by Southampton City Council, this video is an animated introduction to some of the real changes you can make by getting involved. This story follows one person’s journey of how he got involved with his landlord and felt inspired to get more and more involved.

Jaden Cameron – TPAS young tenant of the year 2013

Read about how Jaden Cameron, the 2013 TPAS Young Tenant of the Year has been involved with his landlord and the inspiration he has been to other young people. Also read his own personal statement on ‘What being involved means to me’.

Muna Mohamed – TPAS tenant of the year 2013

Muna won the TPAS Tenant of the Year Award 2013, read about how she has been involved and the positive changes she has made to her neighbourhood in London.

Resident Involvement at Hightown

Here staff and residents at Hightown Praetorian & Churches Housing Association talk about how resident involvement is crucial to the work of the housing association. The residents in this video give us a good insight into the types of activities tenants can get involved in to make a difference to their own landlord organisation and what they get out of it personally.

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Equality and Diversity
Examples from organisations that are making every effort to eliminate discrimination, promote equal opportunities and foster good working relationships between different people.

Salford Forum for Refugees

Celebrating Diversity features members of the Salford Forum for Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Salix Homes disability focus group. The film has been produced to mark National Refugee Week in the city.

Enabling Ability through Diversity

Radian Housing’s four Disability Forums work to respond to local needs and deliver actions agreed at the annual Disability Conference. Recently, Forum members have set up a social enterprise called ‘Disability is my Ability’ which works with local employers to ensure they are properly trained on how to work with disabled people.

Read the case study - Radian – Enabling Ability

Autism Framework

Working with residents with autism, AmicusHorizon have developed a Framework to ensure there are no barriers to getting involved for residents with autism and there is appropriate support available. The Framework recognises that the needs of individuals with autism vary, outlines the adjustments that may be needed and provides advice for residents and staff.

Read the case study - AmicusHorizon – Autism Framework

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Different ways of sourcing, assigning and empowering funding are here for you to look at, from young people to community groups to getting funded from strangers.

Your Call

Produced by North Lincolnshire Homes, this video of a Participatory Budgeting (PB) event shows how residents can help decide how funding is given and how money is spent in their community. At this event £25,000 was shared out between 30 different projects who could ask for up to £3,000 each. This video explains what PB is and the residents taking part talk about their experience.

Berneslai Homes Funding Pots

In this short video staff and tenants, both young and old, tell us how the ‘Funding Pots’ scheme works and share their stories of successfully applying for funds.

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Social media
How connecting with people on line can help you and your landlord in the world of resident involvement from making contact with ‘hard to reach’ groups to using it to promote your campaign.

Engaging Communities with Social Media

Made by Wiltshire Council and LGIU, this video has an interview with Steve Milton, the Head of the Community Governance Team at Wiltshire County Council. He talks about using blogs and video documentaries to engage members of harder to reach communities and empower them to talk about issues that concern them or their communities. The videos are then used to improve social cohesion and are seen as a first empowering step that will inspire them to go on to other things.

Stockport Homes Older Bolder

This initiative has trained and empowered tenants at Stockport Homes in a range of IT skills. Their efforts also won them the 2014 TPAS Award for Excellence in Digital Engagement.

Read the case study - Older Bolder

Orbit South Community Reporters

Orbit South’s Community Reporters keep residents up to date with important news and community events using blogs and social media. Watch our short film about their work.

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Peer Mentors
Read about our inspirational Peer Mentors. These case studies tell of how these experienced involved tenants started out, what successes they have experienced, what skills they have learnt, how they have made positive differences to people’s lives and much more. Each Peer Mentor has a different story to tell and we hope that you will be inspired by them as much as we are.

Brian Shanks

Carol Wood

Larry Shelbourne

Richard Mandunya

Steve Townsend

Moira Jennings

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Some inspiring examples of how volunteering can make a difference in the local community, how volunteers benefit from being involved and how their activities can inspire others.

Community Channel

In 2010, Community Channel launched a competition to discover and celebrate those individuals who give their time for the benefit of their local communities. This special programme reveals the five winners.

Nottingham City Homes Universal Roots

This project involved 62 ‘learner volunteers’ who designed and developed three exhibitions, an educational toolkit and a series of events aimed at promoting diversity and building positive connections between residents.

Read the case study – Nottingham City Homes Universal Roots

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Learn about how communities and housing providers are working together to equip their tenants with a wide range of skills that could improve their own lives or the community they live in.

Stockport Homes Skills for Life programme

This Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) offer free courses for their customers. Learning opportunities on offer range from short bite-sized courses to longer residential or accredited courses. This successful programme is helping people in the local area to equip themselves with a variety of useful skills.

Read the case study - Stockport Homes Skills for Life

Viridian Housing – Digital Training for Older Residents

Viridian have developed a scheme offering IT training for older residents, helping to tackle the problems caused by digital exclusion.

Read the case study - Viridian – Digital Inclusion

Know Your Money

Erimus Housing has worked with external agencies and seven other housing providers to develop a project, now designed and managed by young people, that trains young people on financial matters and offers work experience.

Read the case study - Erimus – Know Your Money

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Youth Empowerment

Young people are empowered to take ownership of projects, groups and initiatives, with many benefits coming from it as a direct result. Read about some great examples of empowerment below.

Aldwyck Housing Group – Sandringham Drive

The development of two pathways as part of one project has helped empower young people involved in the Youth Hub and has helped individuals move away from anti-social and/or criminal behaviour.

Read the case study - Aldwyck Housing Group Sandringham Drive

Regenda – Community Apprentices

Regenda’s Community Apprentice scheme won the 2014 TPAS Award for Excellence in Youth Involvement. The apprentices spend 2 days a week at college, 1 day with  employers and 2 days designing and running community projects.

Read the case study - Regenda Community Apprentices

Futures Homescape – Voices of Youth Community Rangers

The Voices of Youth Community Rangers act as a consultative body for young residents and also organise projects to improve their local community.

Read the case study - Futures Homescape Voices of Youth Community Rangers

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