How to use the accessibility features of computers and web browsers.

My web my way – making the web easier to use.

Go to the BBC My web my way home page. There are a number guides and links that will help you to use the accessibility features of your web browser and your computer.

Below are links to specific How to guides in the My web my way website;

1. I can’t see very well.

2. I can’t hear very well.

3. I find a keyboard or mouse hard to use.

4. I am blind.

5. I find words difficult.

6. Browse all My way my web How to guides

Other useful links

BBC Online access services.

AbilityNet – My Computer My Way. A number of ‘how to’ sections that make you computer easier to use.

AbilityNet’s main website.

Webwise, the BBC’s guide to using the internet has courses and answers your questions.

Apple accessibility. This section of the Apple website contains information on all aspects of disabled access to the Macintosh.

Microsoft accessibility. Microsoft’s accessibility site includes information and tutorials on its disabled access features, for both users and developers.

BBC My way my web, best practice: useful links

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